Monday, October 11, 2010

please appreciate what you have now

this message is dictated to the people who do not serious and responsible in a relationship. I feel so angry when i see a friend who always use "break up" as an alibi to attract her bf's attention. i really feel sad and empathy for this guy because he treats my friend so well, and my friend still behave like child, always say something to hurt him. more accurately she just treat this relationship like a game where she is the Queen to dominate in that "game".The problem here is that my friend (the girl) she knows that she will hurt her bf, yet she still doesn't stop her childish behaviour, keep on her "game" as a Queen. I really wish my friend can be more considerate and understand her bf's situation because i don't want to see any of them get hurt. As a gf, i know it is so bad to always lie and say something hurt people. if you really love him, please stop this stupid "game". Just be like other couples because you're not a kid anymore. you know you're doing the wrong thing why don't you correct it????I'm fed up to listen what you're talking about. Lies everywhere and everytime!!!

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